Print Direct

Print onto any surface, to any size

Printdirect has the ability to print on surfaces that you never thought were possible. It allows printing onto a wide range of flexible and rigid substrates of up to 50mm in thickness. This new technology delivers pinpoint drop placement, precise registration, no waste edge-to-edge printing with smooth tonal and vignette gradation.

Printdirect has been developed in conjunction with the manufacturer’s own quality UV inking system to withstand colour fade and tonal washout in all sorts of conditions over an extremely long period of time. The result is stronger long lasting colours, greater vibrancy and durability.

The vast improvement in inking technology with improved UV capabilities gives us the opportunity to push the boundaries of large format printing capabilities. The UV ink coatings have a warranty of 10 years on the finished printing process, and 15 years warranty for commercial and external applications.

Printdirect technology allows us to enthusiastically seek out new opportunities to improve the overall quality and reproduction for our clients. By utilising this new technology we are able push your product into areas that have never been explored before. Your product will get bigger and better exposure and help the overall development of your brand and marketing campaign.

Printdirect is a new direction in large format digital printing. It is now available at Briner as part of our total signage solutions.